Jul 22, 2008

Free and Enterprise Network Monitoring Software

There are a lot of Network Monitoring tools out there and some of them are pretty good. Other not so good. The one that seems to offer the most power and ease of use is GroundWork.

They offer Free, Pro and Enterprise levels of Network Monitoring solutions. Even the free one they'll give you a one time full support ticket and community forum support. Most other free sources either have no support or just forum support. Even the free version has an Unlimited number of monitoring Nodes. They even have a Community Edition VMWare Instance and a GroundWork Monitor Bootable ISO. It runs on a Linux environment so for a small shop you can set it up quick, easy and all Free!

The free version doesn't contain much in the way of reporting but still does great monitoring. The enterprise version also includes with it Network Traffic monitoring. Which comes out to a lot cheaper than other products that cover the same info. Also if your boss is like many others I know and support is a big issue and that's why you don't have more Linux servers no need to worry as they offer full 24/7 support for pro and enterprise versions.

groundwork network monitoring

Combine GroundWork with LanSweeper and Helpdesk Pilot and that's basically everything you need for a cheap setup of a Professional IT Service Center.

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