Jan 20, 2009

Bauer-Power Episode 5

Hey Bauer-Power readers! As promised from my video post last week, here is Episode 5 of Bauer-Power!

We are a little early with this one. That is mainly because my wife was out of town so it gave Sundance and I an opportunity to get together to do some shooting. And shooting we did! Not only did we get a standard episode in, we were also able to shoot an entirely new opening sequence! One that is meant to be action packed, and completely ridiculous :-)

The opening sequence is rather long. In future episodes, I will be shortening it, so drink it in before we cut out all of the gratuitous action!

In this episode Sundance and I list our top ten list of video editors, being as how we are starting to get into the whole IPTV game.

So grab some popcorn, some beer and get ready to get your geek on!

- Link to video for feed readers -

If you missed, our list of editors because you were so deeply engrossed in the awesomeness, they were:

Check out a couple of bloopers and outtakes from the filming here: (Episode 5 Bloopers)

If you are curious where the running sequence was filmed, it was filmed at the Neuroscience Institute in La Jolla, CA: (www.nsi.edu)

How did you like this episode? What would you like to see differently? What video editors do you use? Let us know in the comments, or shoot me an IM via Digsby on the right side of the page.

For other episodes of Bauer-Power, visit our Veoh Channel at http://video.Bauer-Power.net were all episodes are available as a Podcast!

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