Jan 6, 2009

Converting Tivo to Mpeg

If you are like me, you love your Tivo. If you are also like me, you decided to get the cheapest Tivo out there. I would have gone for the lowest end model they had, but that one was out of stock so I paid for the next one up. I just got tivo-fied recently. Two Christmas's ago, I finally wore my wife down, and she let me get one. It has literally made my life worth living again.

If you are a Tivo owner, you may or may not know that Tivo gives you free desktop software to install on your computer so that you can transfer shows over to you desktop to save for later. You can also share your music, pictures or certain video formats from your computer to your Tivo. Not bad at all for a free little program. What if you want to burn your show to a DVD though? You either have to buy the more expensive Tivo with the built in DVD burner, or you have to buy their upgrade software to convert the .tivo files to .mpeg. Once you convert them to mpeg, you can burn them to DVD with Nero or some other DVD Authoring program (sorry I haven't found a free one yet).

Not any more though. I once found a little command line program that would convert .tivo to .mpeg on Sourceforge. I couldn't find it today though when I went to write this. So, I decided to upload my copy and the little script I wrote to MediaFire so you can download it. I took all the work out of it for you too! All you need is your Tivo Media access Key to decode and your done. You can download the utility here for 30 days.

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