Jan 27, 2009

Messing With Road Signs

I learned of a funny mischievous prank today while scrolling through my RSS feeds. This one no doubt can get you into a heap of trouble (If you get caught of course). So I should probably cover my ass now in saying that this is for informational purposes only, and that Bauer-Power is not liable for what its readers decide to run out and do.

Anyway, you have probably seen portable construction signs on the side of the road. Ones that say stuff like, "Trucks entering highway" or "Ice on Road." Did you know that these things are terribly unsecured? Yes, unsecured in three main ways:

  1. Physically not well secure
  2. Default passwords are rarely changed
  3. If the password was reset, its easy to restore factory defaults
Seriously, wouldn't it kind of be fun to do something like this?

hacked road sign

Okay, maybe it won't be one of those signs, but you get the idea. No, this post applies to the ADDCO portable sign below:

This particular sign is protected by a small lock, but are often left unprotected. Even if it were locked, you can probably make small work of it if you have a good lock pick set.

Anyway, once inside you need to find the control pad:

Control Pad

Once you have the pad, scroll down the menu selection until you get "Instant Text." Select it, and type in your new modified message and hit enter to submit. To publish it to the sign select "Run w/out save."

If it asks for a password try "DOTS" without the quotes. That is the default password. If the password has been changed, you can reset it back to defaults by holding down "Control" and "Shift" and typing in "DIPY". After the reset, the password will be back to default.

Know of any other road sign models that can be messed with? Let us know in the comments!

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