Jan 9, 2009

Download The Bauer-Power Security Pack

Many moons ago, like most guys in the biz, I used to do my own Geek Squad style home computer repair/consulting gig. It was a pretty sweet racket. So many home users trashing their computers, so little time! I was making money hand over fist advertising on Craig's List, and doing spyware cleanups in the evening.

One of my little marketing ploys was to hand out a CD of free software to all of my clients, and I called it the "Bauer-Power Consultation Security Pack!"

Good idea right?

Well, tonight after spending the last three or four hours assisting my two neighbors with their various computer issues, I got to thinking about that CD, so I decided to download some cool and most importantly Free security and performance software, and stick them on a CD to give a kick ass update to the old idea!

My CD includes:

To make it easy to share my CD with all of my friends, family and of course you guys out there in cyberspace, I have saved my Bauer-Power Security Pack CD to an ISO and made it available for you to download here: (Bauer-Power Security Pack)

Feel free to download it, burn it to a CD, and hand it out any time someone tells you that they have a virus, or they mention that they have let their anti-virus lapse, or need to securely erase porn... You get the idea.

If you don't want to take the time to burn them a CD yourself, feel free to send them the link to this post so they can download and burn it themselves!

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