Jan 22, 2009

What do you know about that Torrent you are downloading?

How many times have you went to a torrent site, found the item you want to download only to get screwed in the end? Maybe is is a fake tracker put out to discourage illegal downloads. Maybe it is a virus. The potential for crappy torrents is endless.

I learned of a cool torrent search that only lists torrents that are verified as being good, quality torrents. The site is called VerTor (aka Verified Torrents).

Each torrent found on VerTor is checked for download ability, viruses, DRM and passwords. If any don't make the cut, they are scrapped so you don't have to waste your time getting your porn...errr...your copy of Paul Blart: Mall Cop ... errr... cracked copy of Abobe Photoshop... errr... perfectly legit open source software that happens to be available in torrent format (Phew)

VerTor Torrent Search

VerTor has already verified 40,000 torrents to be virus, DRM, and just generally crap free. So check them out and get your download on with confidence.

What torrent searches do you use? Let us know in the comments!

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