Jan 21, 2009

What the Flock browser are you using?

So there I am, doing one of the things I swore I'd never do. I was actually almost disgusted with myself. As I sat there I thought to myself as I often do. Well this isn't so bad, I guess I can see why so many people do it. At that very moment I threw up in my mouth a little bit. As time went on I got more and more into it. I soon began neglecting what time it is. I neglected sleep, food, water, and other necessities to living. The more I did it the more comfortable I felt with it and I began looking for tools to help me do it. It didn't effect my driving or my ability to pass a piss test, but it did give me a great buzz.

Flock BrowserI'm talking about Digg. It became a problem for me that cold winter night. Gaming and humor section for me. But I from that experience and my love for tools and improving my efficiency in everything I do on the computer I came across the Flock Browser. Your one stop shop to everything you need online. To the right there is a list of the online resources it supports. With so many built-in features it eliminates the need for any custom toolbars for every site you use. Flock also has a nice built in Media Bar that lets you all your photo's in Photobucket, Picasa or all your videos on YouTube or even all your Friends' favorites in Digg.

It has quick buttons to make your life so much easier. Like say you want to Submit a site to Digg and you don't see any Digg buttons on the site. Well there's a Digg button right at the top of the page. Also in the button bar to the top left of the browser there's button for viewing your Friends which you can sort by social network. One for the media bar. Another for your RSS feeds. A nice button for new Emails, which along with the other three will highlight red when there is new information. The others are Favorites, Accounts and Services(shown to the right), Web Clipboard Sidebar. Blog Editor and Photo Upload.


Now the first button there is the My World button. Basically the default starting page but contains relevant data. It has your RSS Feeds, Friends Activities, Favorite Sites which is determined by hitting the blue star or the sties you visit the most and Favorite Media.

The Flock Browser is based on Mozilla's Firefox browser so most all the extensions that work with Firefox will work with Flock. The only one extension that has crashed the Flock Browser was the IE-Tab extension.

So just add Flock and Digsby together and you'll never get anything done at work. Social networking for life. Hmm.... Maybe I should get that tattooed across my chest. On second thought maybe not.

By Sundance of MakeMeASammich.com

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