Jan 8, 2009

Scour - The Social Search Engine... Better than Google?

So I've never really liked Microsoft but they do have good software products. Also I've never really like Google either but they make the best search engine around. So here I am sitting in my little hypocritical world and always trying to find a way to switch to something that's not owned by a major corporation but still get the best performance and options that I prefer. I had used Firefox for years but tested the new IE8 Beta to make sure all the sites I work will still look okay when it comes around. Then I fell in love with it. We had little IE8 babies and live in our Windows Vista64 home with a white picket fence.

Then one day I stumbled onto Scour. It said, "Get paid to search" and I thought to myself, "Yeah, I've heard that one before..." and almost moved on, but just before I was about to move on I noticed it also said Social Search Engine. Hmm..... Just what we need another search engine. Just below that it said it queries Google, MS Live Search and Yahoo for results. So I was interested to see what they do different than say Dogpile.

Scour Get Paid to SurfI noticed right away there's a "Sort by" option right at the top of the search results. So if you perfer to give a higher preference than the others. You can also vote sites up or down depending if the content of the site is actually relevant or not to your search and you can add comments to the search results. So say if a site is good but loads really really slow or has a ton of popups you can let everyone know about it.

They've also added a section in your profile that you can set the weight of each search engine in case you prefer one over the other. Thus being able to still get the same results you'd get say from Google but with the extra social aspect of it to ensure the best quality out of the results. Sure you also gain points from searching, leaving comments and voting. But it would take so long to actually earn money that I do not suggest singing up for that reason and instead sign up to start searching better.

Another thing is that you will gain points if you refer people and they search on Scour also. So to help yourself and help Bauer-Power sign up from this link and at least try it for one week. Like with anything new it will be hard getting used to it at first but I'm sure you'll grow to like it as much as I do. If we do ever make any money off of Scour all proceeds will go to Bauer-Power and making this site better for all of our readers.

By Sundance of MakeMeASammich Games

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