Jan 7, 2009

Google Offering Free Gmail Stickers

Similar to my free "Powered By Ubuntu" sticker offer, Google is answering the call for free stickers by offering free Gmail stickers in a variety of assortments so you can show off your Gmail pride!

I am pretty excited about this. I have been an avid Gmail user for a while, and I love everything about it. That, and I'm always down for some free stickers to put on my laptop.

From the Official Gmail Blog:

There's the standard Gmail m-velope -- dressed up in glitter. One of three bookplate style stickers you can stick on anything from the inside of a favorite book to your laptop or your skateboard. (Trading with friends is encouraged -- we realize the unicorn isn't for everyone.) And there's a sheet of keyboard shortcut stickers intended as a tool to help people learn Gmail's shortcuts. The adhesive is a bit more removable than standard stickiness, so you can take them off once you've trained your fingers.

To get the stickers, all you have to do is send a self addresses stamped envelope to:

Send me some Gmail stickers already
P.O. Box 391420
Mountain View, CA 94039-1420

As I have found out through my own sticker offer, some of you don't know what "self addressed stamped envelope" means. For those who don't it means you stuff an envelope with another envelope that is addressed back to you with with some friggin' postage on it so they can mail the stickers back to you.

For more information about the sticker offer visit the Official Gmail Blog.

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