Jan 12, 2009

Anonymize Your Links!

I found a real cool website while browsing through the apps at one of my favorite legally questionable software pirating sites. This website allows you to post anonymous links to other websites.

My software pirate site above used this to post links to cracks and software executables without the hosting sites knowing where the traffic is coming from exactly. Pretty cool right?

The site I am talking about is called anonym.to. They let you post anonymous links in several different languages. They also have a script generator to automatically anonymize all links on a web page. That is good for legally questionable websites and forums.

From anonym.to:

Webmasters can use this tool to prevent their site from appearing in the server logs of referred pages as referrer. The operators of the referred pages cannot see where their visitors come from any more.

Using the referrer removal service is quite easy:

http://anonym.to/?http://www.gulli.com/ produces an anonymous link to gulli.com which prevents the original site from appearing as a referrer in the logfiles of the referred page.

I'm sure there are other services like this. If you know of any, please post links to them in the comments :-)

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