Oct 15, 2008

Bauer-Puntu: Ubuntu Linux Without The Shit Brown

NOTE: New version released! Click HERE!

Friggin' finally! A little while ago I mentioned being able to create your own custom Ubuntu based live cd that you can distribute to friends. I made links available to download the initial one I created in 100MB parts (Lame!)

Well since then I have perfected my distro, and completely customized it. Say goodbye to the Ubuntu shit brown, and say hello to the awesome goodness of Bauer-Puntu!

Just click the File Front Download Now button to get yourself a piece of Bauer-Power!


[Alternative Download Location]

As requested, here are some screen shots:

Grub Splash


GDM Login Screen



As soon as as the final version of Intrepid Ibex comes out, I will release a new version! Tell me how you like it in the comments!

P.S. I have pre-installed Kismet and Aircrack-ng for some wep cracking fun ;-)

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