Oct 18, 2008

Don't Panic! PST Panic That is...

Check out the latest craze that's sweeping the net where frustrated network administrators are battling their stress out with one another as they try and win some great prizes!

PST Panic allows you to upload a photo of yourself depicting the frustration that you feel when realizing that your PST files did not actually back up your data, but are corrupt and unusable! The realization of this leaves you reeling in shock because you really thought that they could be relied upon and now there are no backups!

PST PanicHowever in situations like these there is always a silver lining, or in this case there are two. Firstly, you need to grab your camera and capture this moment, register on the site, upload your photo and be in with the chance to win. Secondly, you've now learned your lesson and know that PST files are not trusted backups without a proper archiving solution in place.

sysadmin hangs himself

The site offers some fantastic photos that are there to be viewed and rated upon providing you with a few laughs, but it's the entrants who have the chance to win the Amazon gift vouchers. There are vouchers for those who rank in first, second and third place, but token vouchers are also being given to the first 50 people who upload their picture.

It's important that one registers first in order to be eligible for the prizes. And that's not all, because 5 randomly selected people will receive a free copy of GFI MailArchiver so that the face looking at them from their photograph will remain nothing more than a memory captured on film.

Take a look at www.pstpanic.com and see what the panic's all about!

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