Oct 3, 2008

Twitter = Lame Sauce

Sometimes I am really slow to hop on the bandwagon. Sometimes I hop on the bandwagon to see what the fascination is about said bandwagon, then immediately hop the f$%k off. That is exactly what I am doing with Twitter.

I have been hearing Twitter this, and Twitter that. I see links on blogs all over saying "follow me on Twitter." I watch a lot of IPTV shows like Diggnation, Diggreel, and Hak5. All of the hosts on those shows seem to have a Twitter account so you can follow them.

I decided to create an account to see what the fascination is about. After poking around, and creating my account I have come to the conclusion that Twitter = Lame Sauce!

I asked a friend of mine whom I used to work with if he Twittered, and he said no. In fact he went on to say:

It's annoying...people post everything they're doing on there and I really couldn't care less that someone twittered that they just took a big shit

First of all, thanks for that mental image Dave, and second you are correct! My life is not interesting enough for me to give you a minute by minute, play by play of my life via the web and SMS. Oh, and sorry friends and family, your lives just aren't that interesting either.

Well, enough for this rant. You can now follow me on Twitter here if you want. I probably won't be updating it too often... Unless of course I am taking a shit like Dave says.

Am I being too harsh and critical about Twitter? Do you agree with me? Disagree? If you like it let me know why! Oh sweet Lord why?. If you hate it, I want to know that too. You know what to do! Post in the comments!

[Edit] - It turns out, people really do "Tweet" when they use the toilet: (http://twitter.com/ITookADump)

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