Oct 10, 2008

Friday Humor: $240 Worth of Puddin'

How many of you guys out there remember the show, "The State" on MTV? The comedy troop that brought you "The State" went on to do "Viva Variety" on Comedy Central for a while, and can now be found on "Reno 911."

For those of you that can't remember back that far (Mid 90's), "The State" was a sketch comedy show, and was friggin' hilarious!

Well today my co-worker Zack said the phrase, "Ah the puddin" and I immediately started laughing. He is the first person to know what that phrase was from since I left Junior High. I had to go to Funny Or Die to see if I could find that clip, and guess what? I found it. Check it out:

Yeah, sure this has nothing to do with tech, but come on, this is just friggin' funny, and who doesn't need a little humor to kick the weekend off?

Do you remember "The State"? What was your favorite sketch?

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