Oct 11, 2008


For many of you who follow Bauer-Power, you guys know that I have been actively pursuing my dual Bachelor degrees in Computer Networking and Network Security.

It has been a long and arduous road, that today finally came to an end. I started out working on my general ed stuff through the San Diego Community College District, then I transferred into San Diego State University, all the while pursuing a degree in Computer Information and Decision Systems.

It was in my second semester at San Diego State that I realized that the degree I was working on was not the path I wanted to take. I liked systems administration and computer networking. The degree from San Diego State was a programming major. So I decided to once again change schools, and ended up at Coleman College.

Today, I finally dawned my cap and gown, and along with my peers, picked up my two Bachelor of Science Degrees and proudly road off into the sunset (Actually it was just before noon...). Oh, did I mention I graduated Magna Cum Laude?

Paul Bauer Graduation

Not sure where the future will take me. I already work in my chosen profession, so most likely it will be to start pursuing my certifications again. For now though, I think I will just relax for a bit and take advantage of my new found free time.

Thanks to all who supported me!

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