Oct 3, 2008

Free Music Online with Songza - The Music Search Engine and Internet Jukebox

So this isn't really about video (Which is my usual thing... Have you seen my blog?), but they do have a lot of music videos and almost any song you can think of. I'm talking about Songza.

For most of the newer songs they have music videos and a lot of really hard to find songs also. This includes foreign stuff well. I even found some Viking Death Metal in there (Which I know you are all craving).

You can create playlists that you can share with others. You can Embed the songs in your site, create rss feed playlists. However they do not really categorize anything and their API is a bit lacking to say the least.

All in all it is a nice free service and to find specific songs and music videos this is my first and usually last stop.

Check out my Sample Playlist

What music are you listening to? Check out Songza, create your playlist then share it with the rest of the group in the comments!

By Sundance of Free TV Shows Online

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