Oct 19, 2008

Windows Shortcuts and Run Commands Part 1

Here are some shortcuts for windows that can all be done with the keyboard. Now don't get me wrong there's always the use for a mouse but sometimes it's just so much faster to do things with the keyboard.

I've gone through and compiled a rather extensive list of things that can be done with only the keyboard. So much in fact that I have decided to not post the 12 pages all at once. So come back every day to find more. Some of these you will need the Microsoft Admin Pack installed but if you're reading this you probably already do.

Part 1: The Command prompt and Run Box.

Good ole DOS Commands

CONTROL: Open control panel icons from the MS-DOS prompt. This can be run from the Run Prompt.
RUNAS: Enables a user to execute a program on another computer. This can be run from the Run Prompt.
SHUTDOWN: Shutdown the computer from the MS-DOS prompt. This can be run from the Run Prompt.
TRACERT:Visually view a network packets route across a network.
TREE: View a visual tree of the hard disk drive. I don’t really see much of a use for this but it does look cool to run.
TASKKILL: It allows you to kill those unneeded or locked up applications.

Control Panel Commands to run from the Run Prompt

Accessibility Options: access.cpl
Add or Remove Programs: appwiz.cpl
Display Properties: desk.cpl
Windows Firewall: firewall.cpl
Add Hardware: hdwwiz.cpl
Internet Options: inetcpl.cpl
Regional & Language Options: intl.cpl
Java Control Panel: javacpl.cpl
Game Controllers: joy.cpl
Mouse Properties: main.cpl
Sound & Audio Device Settings: mmsys.cpl
Network Connections: ncpa.cpl
Wireless Network Setup Wizard: netsetup.cpl
User Accounts: nusrmgr.cpl
ODBC Data Source Administrator: odbccp32.cpl
Power Options: powercfg.cpl
System Properties: sysdm.cpl
Phone and Modem Options: telephon.cpl
Time and Date Options: timedate.cpl
Windows Security Center: wscui.cpl
Automatic Updates: wuaucpl.cpl

Captain Command Line To The Rescue

Other Run Commands

Active Directory Manager: admgmt.msc
Authorization Manager: azman.msc
Certificate Manager: certmgr.msc
Certificate Authority: certsrv.msc
Certificate Templates: certtmpl.msc
Indexing Service: ciadv.msc
Computer Management: compmgmt.msc
Device Manager: devmgmt.msc
Disk Management: diskmgmt.msc
Disk Defrag: dfrg.msc
Distributed File System: dfsgui.msc
DHCP Manager: dhcpmgmt.msc
DNS Management: dnsmgmt.msc
Active Directory Domains & Trusts: domain.msc
Active Directory Users & Computers: dsa.msc
Event viewer: eventvwr.msc
Shared folders: fsmgmt.msc
Group policies: gpedit.msc
IP Address Management: ipaddrmgmt.msc
Local users and groups: lusrmgr.msc
Removeable Storage: ntmsmgr.msc
Removeable Storage Operator Requests: ntmsoprq.msc
Performance monitor: perfmon.msc
Public Key Management: pkmgmt.msc
Remote Storage Admin: rsadmin.msc
Resultant set of policies: rsop.msc
Active Directory Schema: schmmgmt.msc
Local security settings: secpol.msc
Services: services.msc
Telephony: tapimgmt.msc
Remote Desktops: tsmmc.msc
UUDI Services Console: uddi.msc
WINS Management: winsmgmt.msc
WMI Management: wmimgmt.msc
System Configuration Utility: msconfig
Registry Editor: regedit
System Information: msinfo32
System Edit: sysedit
windows loading information: win.ini
Current version of windows: winver
Command Prompt: cmd
Calculator: calc
MS Word: winword
MS Excel: excel
MS Outlook: outlook
Character Map: charmap
Disk Cleanup: cleanmgr
Clipboard: clipbrd
DirectX Diagnostic Tool: dxdiag
Font Editor: eudcedit
File Self Extractor Creator: iexpress
Terminal Services Licensing: licmgr
Magnification Service: magnify
Microsoft Management Console: mmc
Offline File Synchronize: mobsync
Malicious Software Removal Tool:MRT
Microsoft Paint: mspaint
Remote Desktoop: mstsc
Network Load Balancing Manager: nlbmgr
Microsoft Notepad: notepad
Easy NSLookup: nslookup
Backup and Restore Wizard: ntbackup
Windows Sound Recorder: sndrec32
Windows Volume: sndvol32
Task Manager: taskmgr
Terminal Services Admin: tsadmin
Windows IP Chat: winchat
Windows Rich Text Editor: write

Whew! That was a lot to take in all at once. Because of that we I think we can all use a break, and a beer. Be sure to come back tomorrow for part deux!

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