Oct 22, 2008

Upgrading Sucks!

I watched The Onion Movie last week and I spent a good portion of the night holding my stomach while writhing on the floor in laughter. There are so many funny little spoofs on there.

There were two funny sketches that really caught my eye, and I thought I would share them with you. I had to search high and low for these on the internet, but I found both of them. The first one I will post today, but the second one will have to wait for tomorrow. This is just too much funny goodness to post in one day.

In this sketch a poor man just wants to get a newer computer, so the associate at the store sells him "The Best" computer out there. Once he buys it though the computer company keeps upgrading faster than the man can buy it. Sound familiar at all? Check it out:

Embed Code:

Gil Bates huh? Nice play on the name right? Stay tuned for tomorrow when I show you The Onion's take on Dungeons and Dragons, another fave of geeks besides computers.

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