Oct 2, 2008

Paranoid Linux Update: Alpha-Alpha in The Works

Back in June I mentioned a possible new Linux distro on the horizon for people who are just a little too paranoid about Government. That Linux Distro is to be called Paranoid Linux.

I also mentioned that I would try to keep up to date on any information you might find useful in case you wanted to stay abreast of their progress since it hasn't actually been released yet. In fact, I'm not too sure they are really remarkably close to doing anything.

They did however, just put up an announcement saying that they are "moving in the direction of an alpha-alpha release." Like I said before though, they still don't have anything tangible yet.

This is the note from their website:

We've been working the last couple days to get the foundation laid for the Alpha-Alpha release.

This does not mean we're anywhere near an actual release; however it does mean we're finally moving in that direction. We're still working on many of the details however we're fairly certain that we will be using debian-testing as our base. We just want to make sure that everyone knows that we ARE still alive and we ARE ready to finally get to the fun part of GNU/Linux Distribution.

As always, Stay Paranoid.

Powerking out.

If you want to help out in their effort, you can check out their IRC chanel, their Wiki, and their blog.

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