Sep 13, 2008

Fun With Nigerian Scammers

I found this forum thread tonight and had to have my wife help me off the floor because I was dying laughing. These Nigerian scam artists just will not quit! I posted about the email I got while looking for houses on Craigslist a few months back: (Nigerian Craigslist Scam)

Since I posted that, I have received countless responses from others all around the country who have received the same email. One lady actually fell for it, and sent them all her info (THIS IS WHY THESE GUYS CONTINUE TO DO WHAT THEY DO!)

Well, a few of these Nigerian scammers might think twice about scamming again after the thread I found. In this monumentally long, but highly entertaining thread, this guy turns the tables on some Nigerian scammers. The Nigerians pull the old "Buy something on the internet, and send you more money than you asked for" routine. If you are not familiar with this scam, here is a quick explanation from

Sometimes the crook will send more than the amount due. Any buyer that sends more money than they owe is a crook! If you sell an item for $100 and receive a $1,000 cashier's check, then the buyer asks you to wire the overpayment back because he has an emergency, he is a crook. The counterfeit check will bounce and you will be out all of the money and the goods if you ship them. Dont fall for this.

This hero who turns the tables goes by the alias of Wilson Turnbuckles (At least that is what I gathered from the posted email conversations). Anyway, he received the scammers fake check, then insisted that they send him CASH to ship their "ANUS" (Not a typo) laptops as requested. Instead he worked with UPS security, and sent them boxes and boxes full of old broken down computers marked with the word "ANUS" on them.

Anus Laptop

This whole interchange goes on for weeks, and months, and "Wilson" not only gets away with it, he actually gets the scammers to send him more money as he continues to ship them crap. You have to read the entire thing. It is hilarious!

[Full Story Here]

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