Sep 17, 2008

I'd Buy That for a Dollar!

I almost fell out of my chair last night when I finally got to all of the Ubuntu sticker requests. One of the requests was simply funny as hell, and I had to share it with you all!

As I mentioned in my last article, my wife said there were a ton of Ubuntu Sticker requests. I went through them all last night and stuffed their self addressed stamped envelopes with their requested stickers.

One of those requests stood out from the rest though. It came from mister C. Anderson of Provo Utah. Check it out:

I'd Buy That for a Dollar

And yes, Mr. Anderson did send me a crisp $1.00 bill for my efforts. Now please, don't start sending me dollars, because I really do not want them. I am giving the stickers away to help spread the Ubuntu word, not to profit. So here is what I am doing with Mr. Anderson's dollar. I wrote all sorts of Ubuntu stuff on the dollar including the URL for the Ubuntu website, then I stamped it with my Wife's Where's George stamp, and entered the serial number on If you want to track it yourself, here is the link: (Ubuntu Dollar)

Long story short, I really love to see this kind of enthusiasm for Ubuntu! For Mr. Anderson's antics, I have sent him 3 strips of "Powered by Ubuntu" stickers, and 3 strips of "Powered by Kubuntu" stickers instead of the usual 1 strip.

Keep spreading the word and get excited... Like Mr. Anderson!

Agent Smith

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