Sep 5, 2008

Linux in an unusual place

My daughter wakes up and watches PBS Kids while she eats her Cheerios every morning. In between shows like Super Why, and Curious George they play commercials from Chuck E. Cheese's.

Every day my three year old girl asks if I can take her to Chuck E. Cheese's because as she says, "I'm a kid, and Chuck E. Cheese's is for kids!"

Anyway, my wife and I finally broke down and took her to Chuck E. Cheese's for some pizza and games. It is Friday night, why not right?

Well, while running around watching my little girl ride rides, climb on jungle gyms, and play games, I looked over at a picture machine they had called the "Chuck E. Cheese Sketch Book."

Chuck E. Cheese Sketch Book

It had a big error on the screen, so one of the employees opened the machine and rebooted the computer inside. When it came back up I was a little surprised to see a Linux boot up process, and it was doing a fsck on one of the partitions (Not sure if you can make that out in my lousy camera phone picture, but the progress bar is at the bottom).

Linux fsck Chuck E. CheeseAfter fsck corrected some issues it continued with the boot process:

chuck e. cheese fsck
I thought it was interesting to say the least that Chuck E. Cheese's uses Linux to host one (if not more) of its games. Not just interesting, but also a little refreshing.

Bauer-Power Linux TuxHave you seen Linux show up in any unusual places? Maybe you were at the mall, or at a convention, or a sporting event and something Linux caught your eye. Who knows!?!? Maybe you were at an airport, and one of the flight status prompters rebooted and revealed a Linux OS. Stuff like that interests me to no end.

I would love to hear about it in the comments!

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