Sep 11, 2008

IBM's Kick-Ass Linux Commercials

So I have been milling about on Stumbleupon lately, mainly because work has been pretty boring. Sure there is a hurricain threatening to take out some of our Texas offices, but I maintain pretty good backups. Why sweat over something I can't change. You know, acts of God and what not.

Anyway, so two of the most popular videos tagged for Linux on Stumbleupon are new IBM commercials.

One has a kid that wants to learn everything, and know everything. People from all over the world are teaching him stuff and he is just sitting there like a sponge absorbing it all. In the end of course they reveal him to be Linux. Check it out:

The second video, again for IBM is there to promote IBM's 100% support of Linux. It of course features Avery Brooks from Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

Its pretty cool to see IBM coming out with these types of commercials. Linux is pretty well known, but advertising like this will help to propel Linux into the mainstream a little quicker. If companies see that major players like IBM support Linux 100% they are more apt to jump into the open source market.

What did you think of the ads? Let me know in the comments.

[EDIT] - I feel like a schmuck! Apparently these are old ads according to John in the comments. I had never seen them before, so they are new to me. What about you? Have you seen these before?

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