Sep 14, 2008

Keep The Ubuntu Sticker Requests Comming!

I received a bunch more requests yesterday for Ubuntu stickers! I love it! You Ubuntu users are awesome, and are really motivated to spread the Ubuntu love!

I wanted to share two of the requests with you mainly because they left post-it notes with a little message on them. I took a picture of them with my camera phone (Remind me to buy a decent camera, because these pictures suck).

The first one comes from Mr. C. Dvorak of Madison, WI. His message was simple, "Thank you so much! Go Ubuntu!"

Go Ubuntu

The second one I wanted to mention came from Mr. D. Metz of Chicago, IL who writes, "Thank you very much for the free Ubuntu stickers! Finally that Windows sticker can leave!"

Free Ubuntu Stickers

To both Mr. Dvorak and Mr. Metz...No, No, Thank YOU! Thank you for your support! Your stickers are on their way! Please email me a picture of your new stickers on your machines when you get them so I can post them here!

For those of you who still haven't sent away for your "Powered By Ubuntu" stickers, you can find out how to send away for them here: (Free Powered By Ubuntu Stickers)

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