Sep 20, 2008

Microsoft's New "I'm a PC" Ads: IN YOUR FACE MAC!

Now these new ads are what the doctor ordered! I am not a big fan of Mac. Not to alienate those of you out there that like Mac, but for the most part I look at Mac users like pretentious pretty boys, or stuck up drama queen chicks. No offense intended on my part. That is just one of the stereotypes that are out there for Mac users.

On the flip side, Mac has been portraying the negative stereotype of PC users as being nothing more than uptight, old nerdy dudes that are only concerned with office work and productivity. I'm sure both camps would agree that for the most part, neither stereotype is very accurate.

Well, the new Microsoft ad that just came out decided to show that, but in a very PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT attitude towards Apple. Haven't seen it yet? Check it out:

[Via Geeks are Sexy]

So what do you think? Did Microshaft finally come out with a winning ad to combat those Mac ads? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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