Sep 26, 2008

Google Chrome: EPIC FAIL

I am sitting in my Windows Small Business Server class in school while my teacher is lecturing on Group Policies. Since I deal with this stuff on a daily basis I can tune out for a bit.

I decided to login into my adsense account to see how things were coming along for the month. I have installed Google Chrome on my lab computer in class, so that is what I am using. On all browsers I have used in the past, when I browse to I get forwarded to and up comes a security warning because Google's SSL certificate names only not

Well you would sort of think that Google's own browser would know that already right? WRONG! Check it out! I took a screen shot of this. All I have to say is...

Google Chrome Epic Fail

Come on Google! If you really want this browser to take off, do you think this might be something worth fixing?

Have you seen this? Seen any other ridiculous things in Chrome? Think I'm being too harsh? Hit me up in the comments.

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