Sep 22, 2008

Windows Vista Themes and Skins

Microsoft is a company which is never satisfied with their current situation. They like to update themselves to reach the final pinnacle of betterment and after reaching the point they make sure they start afresh and come up with a new product outperforming their own previous products. It takes people some time to absorb their updates and products. They were the ones who dreamt that all computers of the world will run their operating system and this motivated them to create the first operating system.

Gradually they added new features, speed and dimension to the more recent versions and now their latest product is Windows Vista. There are various added advantages of this operating system. This operating system is meant for the usage for the domestic as well as official purpose. In fact they have two separate versions of Windows Vista which will fit in the requirement structure of all sorts of consumers. Apart from the features that were there in the Microsoft XP professional version, there are some of the coolest ones here.

These include enhanced displaying, sharing systems among peers, multiple networking and high speed which is the best among all. Though not everybody is able to understand the benefits of this operating system yet but still those who are already using it are simply amazed and delighted with its performance. As a user you will get some exclusive benefits from this system. The searches that you perform generally are extremely easy to perform with the windows vista system.

Windows Vista ThemesYou can also keep your desktop icons at a transparent side bar so that you can easily access them whenever you wish. You get the Internet Explorer version 7 with this system. This is another important feature because using this you can get tabbed browsing facility; RSS feeds collection, zooming on pages with a few clicks of the mouse. The windows media player version 11 has improved the music facility of the windows vista OS. Keeping a back-up for the files and restoring them is greatly possible with the help of this new system.

Another added benefit of this system is that you can send mails through the windows mail feature. Referring to a calendar is extremely easy with the system because there is a Windows calendar included in the windows vista features. A photo gallery, DVD maker, games, photo gallery are among the other benefits which make windows vista a great operating system compared to others.

Now one of the coolest features of windows vista is the exciting and interesting themes and skins that you can keep on the display. Those days are gone when you had only few themes and skins that used to come with the operating system itself. But with Vista there are quite a number of interesting options from which you can select the one you like the most. If it is a mild and sober skin you are looking for then the best one for you would be the combination of brown and black which bears an elegant yet contemporary look.

You can also get the packages that feature several skins and themes in various color combinations. Few look really good in stunning colors like marsh green and sea green with evergreen black. If you are fond of those minimalist designs when it comes to choosing the skin of the computer then the best selection for you would be a grayish white with the designs resembling perforated leather. If blue is your favorite color then the skins with a liquid appeal is simply great for the looks of the theme. Whenever you set a good looking wall paper on the computer desktop it is far more enhanced because of the windows vista color skin. If you are worried that these skins and themes need to be purchased then there is no reason to worry.

Most of the windows vista skins and themes are available for free. There are quite a number of websites that allow you to download these skins and themes from their huge archive. Some of them might ask you to register with them but some will let you access them instantly. This can be reason enough to choose windows vista as the operating system for your computer. The best thing about the windows vista system is that you can customize the skins easily.

There is no problem in molding the themes according to your choice of colors and shades whenever you feel like. This will change the entire look of the desktop including the menu style, fonts, colors, screensavers, backgrounds etc. Now there are many of you who are interested in knowing the exact process of changing the skin and theme. This is quite easy for the users of windows vista operating system who are proficient in it.

First of all you need to go to the desktop of your computer and then do a right click on an area that is blank. The menus that pos up will contain the option called personalize which you need to select and click. The option of personalizing the themes and skins will appear on a dialogue box which will contain about seven typical tabs among which you need to select the theme option. Here you will again get the option to choose from and apart from the regular ones there is another one that facilitates you to browse the themes that are already saved on the desktop or any other folder.

After you have selected the theme the system will allow you to take a preview and then you can finally set that theme clicking on apply tab. This is a real fact that the operating system does not have a huge gallery of pre-designed themes but still it gives you the opportunity to create your own theme that will decide the entire look of the desktop background, looks of the menu bar etc. So get the windows vista operating system and have fun creating or choosing the great skin and themes.

By Robert Bell

Robert is the owner of Desktop Themes. You can find specific information on how to change your desktop theme at Themes4Vsita Help. Article Source: Amazines

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