Oct 27, 2007

WARNING: Driver Updates De-activate Vista

Bauer-Power has just learned of a shiny new bug...errr...feature in Microsoft's latest flagship, Windows Vista!

If you update certain device drivers like your video card, NIC, or anything along those lines, Vista could de-activate!

According to James Bannan of APC.COM, "Put simply, your copy of Windows will stop working with very little notice (three days) and your PC will go into "reduced functionality" mode, where you can't do anything but use the web browser for half an hour."

So what's the big deal? Just re-activate right? Wrong! If this happens to you, and you try to re-activate you will get an error saying that your license key is already activated! The only way out of this is to spend countless hours in Microsoft support phone hell!

Still thinking of upgrading to Vista?

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