Oct 30, 2007

MySpace Combating Spam

According to John Rambo, To survive war, you must become war!"

That is exactly what the people over at MySpace have been doing in the war against spammers.

If you are a MySpace junkie like me, actually, I'm not as bad as I used to be. I only occasionally check my account, but the funny thing is that each time I check I have 20 bogus friend requests! I spend a good 15 minutes a day marking bogus friend requests as spam!

Sure, I can set options like only allow people who know my last name, or my email address, but I like to use MySpace to market my blog, so that setting does me no good really. The sad thing is that a few months ago, that was your only real option to combat the spam.

Not anymore! I decided to make some much needed changes to my account info on MySpace, and noticed a new tab called "Spam." When I clicked on it, this is what I found:
All sorts of settings that allow you to control how people contact you, or request to be your friends! All without having to totally lock down your profile. I especially like the ability to make people use a CAPTCHA before requesting to be your friend, or send you a message. Friggin' fantastic! Good work MySpace!

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