Oct 1, 2007

Make Windows XP Look Like a Mac

While stumbling across the internet on Friday I came across a cool free little task bar that acts just like a Mac, but this is for Windows!

This task bar is called ObjectDock by Stardock. It places a small task bar with a number of pre-configured launchers at the bottom of your screen. You can also choose where the dock goes, and can move it to the top, or the sides of the screen.

The launchers themselves, just like on a Mac, expand and zoom in as you mouse over them, which in itself is a really cool effect.

Also, if there are applications you use all the time, you can create new launchers for them and either use custom icons for the launchers, or do a quick search for the original one. ObjectDock will take the original icons and enlarge them to match the resto of the launchers on the dock.

I set my Windows workstation up much like I have my Ubuntu now. the ObjectDock is at the bottom with all of my launchers, and I have moved my Windows Taskbar to the top of my screen and set it to autohide.

If you want to check it out for yourselves, here are a couple of screenshots. Enjoy!

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