Oct 1, 2007

Support Bauer-Power! Rent Movies!

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by! If you are here it is probably for one of two things. The first one is probably because you want to support your favorite mildly successful technology blog. The other reason is because you love movies!

We can help you with both with Blockbuster’s Total Access! You can have movies delivered directly to your house, with free postage both ways! Once you are done with your movie you can return it by mail, or go to the store and exchange it for a free in-store rental!

Keep the videos as long as you want, with no late charges! Sign up using the first banner ad below and get a free two week trial! What are you waiting? for?

Blockbuster - 2 Weeks Free Trial

Tell all of your friends! http://blockbuster.bauer-power.net

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