Oct 28, 2007

Free Streaming Movies!

I came across a really cool, and I am sure very illegal site tonight! The site is called Joox, and it is friggin' great! There really isn't much to write about it except to tell you what they offer.

As the article title suggests, this site offers free streaming movies! I'm talking about major motion picture movies, free on the internet. No downloading (unless you want to), and no hassles! If you want an idea of one they offer, here is a link to Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Did you miss your favorite TV show last night? I know this doesn't happen too much now-a-days with Tivo and what not, but I missed Heroes last Monday because of all of the San Diego fire coverage, so it does happen. Well they have TV shows too!

If you just can't wait for the DVD release. If you can't afford $30 for popcorn at the theater. If you can't wait 13 hours up to 4 days for a bit torrent to download, then check out Joox!

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