Oct 2, 2007

Creating Animated Gifs Using Free Software

I found a really cool free animated GIF creator! I am so friggin' excited about it too. We have all seen those cool animated pictures. Maybe it is a scene from a movie, or a series of still pictures all put together, either way they are pictures, they are animated and they are awesome!

I personally like to use animated GIFS as avatars for forums, and sites like MySpace. I just feel it represents my personality a little better. Before, If I wanted a custom animated GIF, I had to rely on my wife to use her awesome Photshop skills. That is fine except Photoshop costs an arm and a leg, and you really have to know what you are doing to use it. I'll admit it, I suck at Photoshop, and I am only mildly decent at it's open source counterpart The GIMP.

This tool I found makes creating animated GIFs stupid easy though. It is called Beneton Movie Gif. You can take small movie clips in MPG or AVI format, or a series of photos and create your animated masterpiece! It currently supports 48 different file formats. To test it out I went ahead and created an animated Bauer-Power logo! Take a look:

Check it out for yourselves! I would love to see what you make with it! Post links to your animated masterpieces in the comments!

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