Oct 2, 2007

Almost Finished

I am all but finished with Capstone. We were finally able to get the three workstations connected to wireless. For two of them, I had to write startup scripts to auto configure the wireless card at startup or else it just wouldn't work.

Unfortunately we had to change from the original design a bit to complete the project. Two of the operating system we had to change because my partner couldn't figure them out (He is sort of Linux challenged) and one because it just wouldn't work with the hardware we were given. The final operating systems we used were: OpenSuse, Slackware, Puppy Linux, PC-BSD, and Backtrack 2.0. The last three were the ones that we used instead of the original Solaris, DSL and FreeBSD.

Now that we're finished with our part, we have to help the other team finish their project. They are about a week and a half behind us. They keep having problems getting DHCP and DNS to work, and they have been battling that pretty much since the project began. Once they get that working, they still have the rest of the project to do which is to get them all printing and also have three of them connect to wireless.

The good news is that their network is the one I originally designed, so I should be able to fly in and save the day quickly and relatively easily.

Only a week and a half left! Wish us luck!

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