Oct 15, 2007

Hack your iPod touch easily.

We received a iJailbreak press release stating that someone named AriX has a application that can app unlock (Allow for 3rd Party Apps To Be Loaded) your ipod touch with this easy to use apple script. There is one catch you have to be using a intel mac for this to work. Oh and did we Mention AriX is 13?

This will let you use 3rd party apps on your new touch. Now you can load up all your unsanctioned Appley goodness and wait for Apple to release an iUpdate to iBrick you and then another 3rd party iUnbricker.

Will the fun never end? Ahem Apple, ahem Sony... Take the hint let the people that spend GOOD money on your devices hack what we paid for! Why would we want to limit ourselves to your vision? Let the community decide what the device should do! Don't be scared.

You do make that hard reset for a reason - don't you?

People will want them more isn't that obvious? What do you think?

And we would love to hear more from AriX! What do you guys think? Should he do a guest blogging spot? Lets hear from the 13 year old prodigy - if you are reading AriX Hit us up!

About iJailBreak

iJailBreak is an automated jailbreaker for your iPod Touch licensed under the GNU General Public License v2 written by 13-year-old AriX. The only user interaction required is for you to restart the iPod Touch. Works on Macintel OS X Tiger. PPC version is in the works.

iJailBreak is heavily dependent on Niacin and Dre's awesome tiff hack, you can find them at toc2rta.com. They really started the whole iPod Touch hacking scene. iJailBreak also makes heavy use of iPhuc, which you can find on Google Code.

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