Oct 22, 2007

Get Rid of the Ubuntu Brown in Gutsy

If you have installed or upgraded to the latest version of Ubuntu (7.10 Gutsy Gibbon) you may have noticed that you cannot change the background color of the screen just after you login from the GDM login screen.

On previous versions of Ubuntu all you had to do was to go into your desktop manager, and change the background color to your desired color, and then go into your GDM login screen manager and change the color and you were done. For some reason though, the Ubuntu team didn't want their disgustingly awful crap-brown color to be completely removed. I don't know why the Ubuntu team is so obsessed with such a bad color, but to each their own right?

If you feel like me that brown should be flushed down, then all you have to do is this:

1) Open /etc/gdm/PreSession/Default with your favorite text editor using sudo:

sudo gedit /etc/gdm/PreSession/Default

2) Find the line that says BACKCOLOR="#DAB082" and change it to the HEX color of your choice. I wanted mine black so mine says BACKCOLOR="#000000". You can find your color's hex code here: (Color Hex Code).

3) Save the file and reboot!


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