Nov 25, 2008

Re-Calibrating uTorrent For Maximum Download Speeds

For many, this is pretty basic stuff, –even common sense. For others, not so much. First of all, determine whether or not you’ll need to set up port forwarding for your connection to remain stable and useful. In essence, find out whether or not you’re on a router. Or just open uTorrent real quick; look at the bottom of the window.

There should be small chambers along the bottom: DHT: (nodes); a symbol indicating your connection status; D: downloading stats; U: uploading stats. Double click the symbol indicating your connection status, –if it’s a green check mark, you don’t need port forwarding.

Otherwise, double click, and then click the button on the pop up that says “Test if port is forwarded properly”. Your browser will open to a window or tab that states your IP and what the status of your port is. It will plainly tell you if your port is not correctly forwarded or if it is. If it isn’t, check out, –they give step by step tutorials for even the worst techno-tard.

Once your port is correctly forwarded, or if it already is, follow these steps to make uTorrent download at the best speeds:

  • Bauer TorrentOpen uTorrent -> Options -> Preferences -> Bandwidth
  • Set Maximum Upload Rate to 20 kbp/s
  • Set Maximum Download Rate to 0 (unlimited)
  • Set Global Maximum Number of Connections to 800
  • Set Global Maximum Number of Peers Connected Per Torrent to 125
  • Set Maximum Number of Upload Slots Per Torrent to 25
  • Click Apply -. OK

And you’re all set!

By Vernon Southward of Ask The Admin and DevicePedia

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