Nov 5, 2008

Bauer-Puntu Linux Available on Softpedia

I took it upon myself to submit Bauer-Puntu 8.10 to the major free software site Softpedia. I figured why not?

There are a few things I still need to iron out with their support team... Such as where the hell are my screen shots? But that is neither here nor there.

If you do a quick Google search for Bauer-Puntu Linux 8.10 Download, their link is numero uno!

If you go to the Linux page on Softpedia, and scroll down to the latest distros column, Bauer-Puntu is numero tres!

bauer-puntu linux softpediaHere is a direct link to the download page on Softpedia for Bauer-Puntu 8.10 so you can check it out for yourself if you haven't already: (Bauer-Puntu on Softpedia)

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