Nov 28, 2008

HAK5 Gives Bauer-Power a Shout Out

So Wednesday I take a look at the old stats and I see some hits coming from So I thought to myself, "Self, that's weird. You didn't leave any comments on Revision3." So I decided to follow the link, and BAM! There it is, HAK5 released Episode 413 and there in the show notes was a quick little shout out and a hyperlink back to Bauer-Power.

It didn't stop there, oh no it didn't. Not only did Darren Kitchen give me a link in the show notes, he also went on to give me and a pretty cool shout out on the video itself! That is friggin' awesome because those guys get some serious traffic! Check out these stats I pulled from Alexa comparing my site with theirs:

alexa comparisonNow don't get me wrong, Bauer-Power does pretty good, but as you can see, my pitiful blue line doesn't even compare with the traffic these guys get. That is what makes this shout out so awesome! Honestly, I didn't expect Darren to give such a great shout out, and was only really hoping for an honorable mention, but he went above and beyond.

Here is a clip from episode 413 were he mentions Bauer-Power:

The full episode can be watched here: (Hak5 Episode 413)

So what do you guys think? Pretty cool right?

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