Nov 26, 2008

Annotate the world!

I came across some new web based software that was recommended by one of our readers, Ryan. He's actually the co-founder and CEO of a company called WebNotes. This is a nice web based application where you can add highlights and sticky notes to web pages directly. You can also Share your notes with others and organize your list of notes within different folders for better organization that are stored on your account and can be accessed from any web browser. WebNotes currently works with Firefox(Mac, PC, Linux), IE, Google Chrome and Safari. It's not one of those lame apps that only works with one browser or another.

So I see you there asking yourself, who would actually use that? or why would I want to use something like that? Well here are a few things and reasons I've come up with for who could use this:

  • Web Notes BetaAnyone that likes to look up information online or likes to highlight little facts here and there.
  • Marketing folk that want to take a current page and show exactly where and what they want changed. (Trust me this would sure beat an emailed pdf of a webpage with notes you can hardly understand.)
  • College students that need to do research and want to easily keep a list of where they get all their information from.
  • People that want to share notes about websites with friends and family.
  • Someone that thinks normal bookmarks are a thing of the past and want the features to not just bookmark a site but to bookmark specific information on a site.
They also have an online demo on there site and I've created a permanent link of our last article about Bauer-Power Episode II. The link to that can be Found Here.

So let us know what you think about it and I'm sure Ryan would like to know what you guys think also.

Speaking of Ryan, he has given us 25 invites to give out to our readers who want to try Web Notes Beta. We will be giving these out to the first 25 people who leave a comment and tell us how they can use this application. Just make sure your fill out the email line in the comment area so we know where to send you the invite info.

Of course, as always if you guys have anything you would like us to take a look at or share just let us know and if anyone wants an Invite to use WebNotes leave a comment.

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