Nov 22, 2008

The StumbleUpon WebToolbar

You ever wanted to stumble while you're at work but you don't have permissions to install toolbars or it's just against the rules and you don't want to get fired? Well now you can waist countless work hours on stumble and not have to worry about installing the toolbar!

This is also good for those of you that just hate having toolbars installed on your browser windows. I know I don't care for them much. Well now stumble has a StumbleUpon WebToolbar it functions pretty much the same as the installed toolbar. You can stumble, mark things you like, share what you found with friends even a link to see how many reviews a site has and view them. But that's about all it does.

Still a great web tool and very easy to access. So go ahead, give it a shot, and while your at it why not give us a Thumbs up and a quick review ;-)

By Sundance of Free TV Shows Online

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