Nov 20, 2008

Small Bone To Pick With Hak5

Back in September I mentioned that I went to Toorcon, which is a San Diego hacker convention. There I met Darren Kitchen and Shannon Morse from the fairly popular IPTV show Hak5. When I met these two guys I mentioned to them that I was going to be writing a final report for my Advanced Network Security class in college. It was going to be my final report and presentation before I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Network Security.

Anyhoo, Mr. Kitchen told me to keep them posted on how my paper and report turned out, so I decided to go ahead and sign up for the Hak5 forums so I could participate in the community a little, as well as post about my ideas for my paper... and I did on October 6th here: (Hak5 Forum Post)

Basically I did my paper on running Jasager in conjunction with Sidejacking, and told the community at Hak5 about my idea for my paper.

Okay, so no big deal right?


I just popped on my Tivo to watch a little Hak5 while working out on my total gym when Darren begins talking about Jasager and how people have been asking what it can be used for. Here is a clip from that episode where he proceeds to tell people about my idea:

The full episode can be seen here: (Hak5 Episode 412)

Did you notice anything missing from that segment? HOW ABOUT A FRIGGIN' SHOUT OUT? How about a nice little, "El Di Pablo From our forums gave us this idea..." or a nice little flash on the screen "Thanks EDP!"

Alas... Nothing, zip, zilch, nada.

Not a single mention in the credits, or even a blurb in the show notes.

What gives Hak5?

What do you guys think? Too harsh? Should I calm down a bit? Anyone from Hak5 want to comment? Anyone from Revision3? Hit me up in the comments please.

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