Nov 21, 2008

HAK5 Issue Resolved! Thanks Darren!

I was happy to have received an Intense Debate email notification telling me that the infamous...errr...notorious...errr...well known IPTV host Darren Kitchen stopped by to leave a comment clearing up the whole Sidejacking and Jasager mumbo jumbo.

That really means a lot to me. Seriously, now that Hak5 has been picked up by Revision3 Darren and his team are busy. Here was his comment:

El Di Pablo,

I'm really sorry for not throwing you a shout out. I just now saw the thread on the forums about your college project from the Hak5 comments. Congrats on the A btw. I posted more there but I just wanted to say it wasn't my intention to snub you or anything. I think you're a really great guy and I like the stuff on your blog so I'll make it right on the next show dude.


So I mosied on back to Hak5 to read his post there and it gets even better. Here is the post he left there:

@EDP, dude I totally remember you from Toorcon. I just found the thread about your college report. Way to go on the A dude. But more to the point I wish I had seen the thread before shooting cause I would have most definitely given you a shout out.

A similar thing happened last episode too with the Helmer cluster thing. I had credited Steve P. (Shadowfox) for emailing me about it but it seems Tom E. (Ghost) had also sent it to me in another form of communication (probably the forum, IRC or IM). Ghost emailed me about the mistake.

I’ll have to mention this in the next ep. Any chance to pimp :)

Hope things are going well for you. You going to Shmoocon?

To answer your question Darren... No, I don't think my boss will be springing for Schmoocon this year. Maybe next year ;-)

As far as your response, thank you very much. It means a lot!

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