Dec 1, 2008

The Leeroy Jenkins Soundboard

Show of hands.... Who here has heard of Leeroy Jenkins? Okay, another show of hands, who hasn't heard of Leeroy Jenkins?

For that last group of people, slap yourselves in the face! There is no excuse for not knowing who Leeroy Jenkins is. Gamer or not, if you are going to make it in this world you need to know Leeroy, and know him well.

Those of you non initiated in the Jenkins fan club, he is the name of a World of Warcraft character originally created by Ben Schultz, and made famous by this video:

Yell it with me,


That video has spurred other videos such as this one:

and this one

Believe it or not, those aren't the coolest things to come out of one drunken video gamers online rampage. No, the coolest thing is the soundboard created by Scott Willis here:

I can play with that soundboard all day. Sometimes I need a good, "Lets do this!" to get me motivated before starting a project.

Do you know of any other funny Leeroy Jenkins stuff? Post links in the comments!

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