Mar 1, 2010

Hey! Get Your Own Wireless!

Someone tweeted this over the weekend so I thought I would share it with you. There is a radio show called "The Tech Guy" with Leo Laporte. Some lady called in because she needed help connecting to "her" wireless internet. She said that for over a year she was able to connect to it, but it magically dissapeared. She said she went out and purchased a wireless extender to try to fix it. Well, that didn't help her find her missing wifi, so she called Leo.

It turns out that there is a little more to her story than meets the eye. Don't just take my word for it though. Pay particular attention when Leo asks her if she actually owns a wireless access point of her own.

Please tell me that you all use at least WPA2 at home! I am sure your neighbors aren't though. Do me a favor, and take a look at the wireless networks around your place, and post in the comments how many of them are wide open. This should be interesting...

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