Mar 16, 2010

Catching Up On Ubuntu Stickers

As many of you know, I have been offering free Powered By Ubuntu stickers for quite some time. If you didn't know, let me quickly recap for you. A while back I got an idea from the computer company, System 76, who makes Ubuntu based systems exclusively. What they were doing, and still do as far as I cal tell, is they offer free Ubuntu stickers for your personal Ubuntu workstation. What a great idea right? Not only do you spread the awesomeness of Ubuntu, but you also potentially create some word of mouth buzz about your company or product.

Well, I decided to offer Ubuntu Stickers and also Kubuntu stickers for the same reason. I wanted to promote Ubuntu, and possibly stir up some buzz for Bauer-Power. Well, it worked. Perhaps a little too well. I get bombarded with letters and requests and sometimes the occasional dollar or two for my troubles.

Well, I am only one man and sometimes I fall a little behind. Tonight I just caught up on requests I have received all the way back from November! If you have been expecting stickers, don't fret. They are in the mail today! In fact, you can thank Bauer-Power reader Alex G. for lighting the fire under my butt. He sent me an email saying he mailed his request back in December and wanted to know the status. Well, feeling like a complete jack ass, I thought it was a good time to catch up. Here is a picture of some of the letters going out tomorrow:

If you are unfamiliar with my sticker offer, check out this video commercial I made a while back:

I know, I know... Lame! Still though, the stickers are cool. Anyway, I am still going to offer stickers to anyone who wants them, but please have some patience if you don't get them right away. I do them when I can.

Have you already requested your stickers? Did you receive them? Got any action shots of your sticker on your computer? Lets see some links in the comments!

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