Mar 8, 2010

Episode 19 – How To Hack Windows 7 Passwords

This is a pretty good episode if I do say so myself. In this episode I showcase one of the many cool tools in Bauer-Puntu linux 9.10R2 which can reset the administrator password, and the password for any other local user.

I know you have seen other live cd’s that can blank, or reset Windows passwords, but this one is good because it fits on a USB stick for ultimate portability and comes with a few other useful tools as well such as offline virus scan, disk partitioning, file recovery and more.

Let’s get back to resetting passwords though. So in this episode I show you how to use a terminal program called CHNTPW, and it can do stuff like blank a password, reset a password, and re-enable an account. there is also an option to promote a regular user to administrator, but it isn’t quite ready for prime-time yet. I should also mention that this isn’t only limited to Windows 7, but this will work on Vista, XP and 2000 as well.

Without further ado, here is Episode 19:


If you want to test this out yourself, you can download Bauer-Puntu 9.10R2 here: (Bauer-Puntu 9.10R2)


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