Mar 9, 2010

Minimize and Maximize are Missing After Installing Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Last Thursday I decided to "Ronnie Reload" my netbook as we say at my current IT job. I was running Windows 7 Starter edition on it for a little bit, but decided to go back to Bauer-Puntu Linux. It simply runs better. That, and if I go without using Linux for a while I start going into nerd withdrawal. You know what I am talking about.

Anyway, I installed Bauer-Puntu, but since this was on my netbook I wanted to run in netbook-remix mode. I prefer the regular Gnome layout on a full screen laptop, but on my netbook I like the smaller layout of netbook-remix. If you didn't know you can easily install netbook-remix by running the following in the terminal, then logging out and logging back in:

>sudo apt-get install ubuntu-netbook-remix

There was one small problem after installing it however. When it was done installing, and I had logged out and logged back in my minimize and maximize buttons were gone. I thought it was a simple matter of resetting metacity, but that didn't fix it. Here is a screenshot of Flock without the buttons:

Apparently this phenominon is caused by the maximus package. To fix the issue, all you have to do is remove maximus by running the following in the terminal:

>sudo apt-get remove maximus

After removing maximus, and restarting my netbook I had my minimize and maximize buttons back:

I am not exactly what it is that maximus does. When I removed it, besides fixing my minimize and maximize buttons, I didn't see a difference, so I am thinking that particular package didn't affect much. If you know exactly what maximus is, and what removing it affects (If anything) let us know in the comments.

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