Mar 10, 2010

Fixing jQuery intellisense in Aptana 2.0

So I have been looking around for a good Intellisense app for jQuery that is a lot lighter than Eclipse or Visual Studio. Sure either of those work but I have so many apps running on my work pc that I wanted something light. I’ve been using Notepad++ and that works good but was getting tired of having to reference jQuery for odd parts of projects and I’ve been trying my best to get the same effects out of jQuery that people wanted in flash. Only reason is that I think flash is like spawn of hellfire on the internet. Then after some searching I found Aptana. Looked pretty sweet, so I installed it and added the jQuery support plugin. I went to go check out the jQuery intellisense and didn’t see any support for it.

I looked all over the internet and heard in their forums that people were having intermittent problems with it but they could not reproduce the issue. So I finally decided to just poke around the app and figure it out myself. In doing so I realized that there is a Global References section. In that section the jQuery support was not checked by default after the install of the plugin and creating a new project.

Here are a few images and how-to, to fix this issue and get the full extent of the Aptana software.

After creating your web project and checking the box for the jQuery support open the jquery_sample.js file and delete the “.ready(function(){” on the third line after $(document)

Then put a . at the end of what you just deleted and if it looks like this, then you need to continue:


Now click on References at the top left next to File on your side bar:


Now click on Global References:


If jQuery is unchecked(or any others you want to have the intellisense for) simply check it:


Now go back to your file on the right side and remove and re-add the . after $(document) and you should see the list of jQuery supported intellisense:


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