Mar 11, 2010

Verizon’s Big Red Ad

Have you seen this yet? Before you scroll down and watch it, let me just take you back in time to a little commercial by a little chewing gum product called “Big Red”. It used to be my chewing gum of choice back in high school. It was really good for making out as the original ad shows.

Well, I saw the latest ad for Verizon Wireless’s 3G coverage that is a parody of the original commercial’s for Big Red chewing gum! I first saw it at the beginning of the Iron Man 2 trailer here: (Iron Man 2 Trailer)

Here it is, Verizon’s version of Big Red:


For nostalgia sake, here is the original from the 80’s:



What’s your take on this? Did Verizon create a winner or what? Do you think any iPhone users will convert?

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